About Canadian Pro Marketing Inc.

Canadian Pro Marketing Inc.

At Canadian Pro Marketing Inc. we are very proud and excited to open our new online store which will serve all of Canada.  We will treat you with the same honesty and fairness that we have experienced during our combined 60 years of hunting and shooting! Many friendships have stood the test of time with firearms at the core.  Just like you, we are passionate about all disciplines of shooting and hunting.   From the first time one of our founders raised a Daisy BB gun at the tender age of seven, he knew he was hooked!

We retail all types of firearms, optics, reloading equipment and ammunition from all of the major manufacturer’s as well as a wide selection of hunting, shooting and reloading supplies and we’ll do our very best to put the toys or tools you desire into your hands in a prompt and courteous manner.

We are proud to support the tradition of private firearms ownership in Canada.  Canadian Pro Marketing Inc. is a proud supporter of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR)  If you are not a member of at least one of the organizations fighting to preserve and enhance your firearm rights, we strongly urge you to consider joining.


We have a large selection of handguns, shotguns, optics and other firearm accessories. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something specific.


We’re a phone call or an email away! Feel free to contact us:



We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions to help you understand the process of purchasing firearms. Click here to visit our FAQ page.